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Hi, I’m Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh. 

Military Marriage Expert. 
Coach. PhD.

I get quick, lasting results for military spouses who want a rock solid marriage and a satisfying life of meaning and
joy. You don’t have to wait to enjoy the best years of your marriage. They can start now.


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Married to military

People don’t come to me to air their dirty laundry; they come because they’re strong, resourceful and determined to have a thriving marriage no matter the challenges of the Military Lifestyle.

Our work is 100% confidential.

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You know how to make things work. Nobody can deny your strength and capacity. 

You move your family across an ocean at the drop of a hat. You make it work even though you don’t get to choose the circumstances. You can deal even when your most carefully laid plans get changed and changed again!  

You’re tough and you know how to keep moving. You’ll do whatever it takes to care for your kids and support your partner in fulfilling their duty.

Over the last fourteen years, I’ve worked with hundreds of military couples as a psychologist and coach.

You don’t have to wait for your spouse to get home to feel close again.

You get to feel rock solid security in your marriage despite the distance and challenges.

It’s possible to have satisfaction and agency in your own life even when you don’t always control the where, what, or when.

Because listen… 

The level of communication that creates closeness is difficult to maintain, even for couples living under the same roof 365 days a year!

The thing is, most of us aren’t taught how to do healthy relationships.

And the Military Lifestyle only makes things harder. We cope with distance, isolation, and unpredictability. We do it because we’re strong, resilient and willing to make sacrifices to serve something greater than ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our happiness. It doesn’t mean we should hold everything in and suffer in silence. It means we get to give ourselves the support to become even stronger—so we can thrive. 

Seriously. I’ve seen military spouses on the brink of divorce make 180-degree pivots after a 2-hour intensive with me. 

And you know what else? We don’t even need your spouse to attend. 

How is that even possible? Well, I’ve been doing this exact work for over a decade. I’ve developed a process and a toolkit specifically for military spouses that helps us get to the root of your unique challenges and create closeness fast. 

Whether you work with me 1:1 or simply learn from my free resources, this work empowers you to:

Close the distance between you & your spouse. 
Feel more in love than ever. 

I help you quickly develop the skills and perspective to feel close and connected once again, without feeling like it’s “more work” on your part. 

Instead of another chore for you to manage, getting back on the same team feels like a relief. A weight off your shoulders. A healthy dose of fun! 

When you start to prioritize yourself, you learn to be supported. That’s when this courageous life you’ve chosen starts to feel like an adventure again.  

Are you in?

Fight less.
And when you do, have more productive fights that help you grow as a couple so you don't just keep fighting about the same things. 

No longer feel like you’re in this alone...
With no one who fully gets you. Instead, you know your spouse has your back, and vice versa. Communication is open and trust is rock solid.  

Enjoy richer intimacy.
Feel more in love than you’ve been in a long time, when you’re together and when you’re apart.  

Feel seen, heard, and deeply valued in your marriage.
And have your spouse feel that way, too. (Hint: Just because they don’t say anything doesn’t mean they don’t have stress, concerns, and dreams, too.) 

Feel a sense of confidence, purpose, and excitement
in going for your dreams and goals—together and separately, without letting anyone down.
Yes, it’s possible! 

You’re managing everything

It’s YOUR TURN to be supported.

I know how strong you are because I am, too.

And here’s what I need you to know:

Marriage is hard enough for civilians. 

When you’re used to being tough and holding everything together for everyone else, sometimes the hardest thing is to get support. 

But you know better than anyone:
Hard things are worth it. 

Married to Military is my life.

Working with me changes 
the whole tone of your marriage.


It’s YOUR TURN to be supported. 

Let the best years of your life & romance 
start NOW. 


You have what it takes to thrive as you do hard things. And you don’t have to feel like you come in second place. This podcast changes the dynamic in both your marriage and your personal life. I share strategies and insights from my decades of experience as a psychologist that dissolve stressors and bring you together without drama. 


Married to Military

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The best years of your marriage can start right now. Here are five easy ways to create closeness and personal satisfaction, fast. Try them. Usually, your spouse will open up without even realizing you’re “doing” anything. 

Five Ways to Create A Happier Military Marriage Now