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This one's a biggie, I'm sure you can agree. It's one of the main reasons why marriages fail in today's world. Plus, add in the stressors of military life - no wonder divorce rates are on the rise!

How to improve communiction

How use disagreements constructively

No one likes the word 'disagreement' or 'argue' ... but you don't have to hate it either. I can show you how to use disagreements to your advantage and ultimately make your marriage stronger!

what you can expect to gain here

How to survive military life

Moves, deployments, changes left & right - there's no denying that it can be overwhelming. I've got so many tricks and resources up my sleeve to help you navigate this journey and set your marriage up for success long term!

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Free Military Marriage Breakthrough Call

Over a 30-minute Zoom call, we'll chat about what's going on and I'll give you the EXACT next steps to take to have the marriage you want.

Your spouse does not need to be present. In fact, bigger changes happen when I work directly with you, the military spouse. 

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In The Trenches:
Mastering Deployment for a Stronger Marriage

This programs shines a light on all the toughest parts of deployment that no one usually talks about out loud and helps teach you to manage them in a way that feels good to you and grows your marriage in the process…because when you and your spouse are on the same page and your foundation is strong…everything gets easier (and much more fun!).

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“Thank you! I feel like I have perspective on this thing that has been bothering me. I also have things I can already start doing and I have so much more clarity on how to make things better.” 

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What former clients say:

"After a few failed attempts at the on-base services, talk therapy, and 'just get over it' thought process, I found Lindsay and her Military Marriage Breakthrough Call. She offered a refreshing perspective into a world that she could absolutely relate to. It led me down a path of self worth, a loving relationship, and pride in my family."

paradigm shift

“Lindsay helped me recognize triggers and how they affect me emotionally and helped me recognize what I needed to do and how I felt. I feel like we covered the important things and I feel like I learned a lot! I feel strong and I know I have the resources she told me to get through it.”

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Download my ebook now to get behind the scenes tools and tips to create a happier marriage now (without your partner having to be involved or change - yes! it's possible!)

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Got a deployment on the horizon?
Fear not, I have just the thing!
Whether this is your first or your tenth deployment, you'll find SO many tips and actionable steps to help you make this as seamless as possible.

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Deployment Survival guide ebook

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