It's a Podcast that makes Military Spouses the priority.

 I created the Married to Military podcast for military spouses who want life to be easier and happier using my background as a military psychologist and fellow military spouse. 

Married to Military Podcast


Deployments, frequent moves, unpredictable schedules, managing your own goals/identity...phew. Military life comes with challenges and I talk about HOW to deal with these in a way that makes life easier and more fulfilling.

How To Navigate Military Hurdles

How To Have a Healthy Military Marriage

After working with hundreds of military couples as a psychologist and Military Marriage Coach, I know what works to create a happier military marriage and I want that for YOU!

what you'll learn here: 

How to THRIVE as a Military Spouse

Your goals and needs don't need to be put on hold. You don't have to be second priority. You can get your needs met as a military spouse and I want to help you figure out how to do this for you.





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How to set yourself up for a strong year

How to make new friends as a military spouse.

The most important relationship you'll ever have.

Make your retirement transition easier with Dr. Mardi Smith

Why increasing positive moments can improve your marriage and military life


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I post new episodes every Monday. You'll get my top tips from being a psychologist and I bring on other military spouse guests who can offer different perspectives. I discuss topics ranging from military spouse careers to preparing for deployments. Subscribe to my channel by clicking your platform below!

"Dr. Cavanagh has created the space you didn't know you needed. A place where you work on your Married to Military life BEFORE the crisis happens. A place where spouses and sweethearts can commiserate the common challenges of military family life. She and her guests are insightful and freely share a bounty of helpful insight. I love this podcast!" -Review from Married to Military Listener

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