You Don’t Have To Wait for a

Thriving Marriage. 


You’re the kind of person who knows how to persevere. 

You’re independent. You manage everything on your own. You knew this life would have its challenges so no matter what, you put one foot in front of the other and hold it together for everyone else.

I know how much strength it takes to be Married to Military because I’ve chosen this life as well.  

And let me tell you something important: You deserve more than a marriage that endures. 

You deserve a marriage where you can thrive: individually and as a couple.  

If the dynamic between you and your spouse feels distant, frustrating, or on the brink of implosion, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT (and it’s not theirs, either).

What needs attention is the communication, collaboration and connection between you.

Healthy relationships are a skill—and for most of us, not a skill that was modeled in our lives or taught to us directly—so most of us need to learn these skills.

The good news: Like athletes or soldiers in the field, you can be coached into a dynamic where you’re firmly on the same team, working in harmony.

  • Never again doubt that your spouse has your back. 
  • Have the communication skills to diffuse defensiveness, create deeper connection, and feel close despite the distance.  
  • Feel confident that you will always get your needs and important desires met, even when the military throws shattering curveballs your way.  
  • Fight less and when you do, actually resolve issues in a lasting way. 
  • Enjoy this epic adventure, no matter where military life takes you. 

I’ve been married to my military husband for over 9 years and together for 14, all while he has been active duty. 
In that time I’ve worked with hundreds of military spouses and couples, providing PhD-level support both as a Military Psychologist and now as a Military Marriage Coach. 

I know what it takes to thrive romantically and personally in this unique lifestyle…

And I know how to get fast results for my clients. That’s one reason I work as a Coach, rather than a therapist. 

I passionately believe that with the right mindset and communication skills, you can start getting more of what you want out of your marriage. 

You can close the distance between you and your spouse, and feel more in love than ever. 

You don’t need years of therapy to change the dynamic in your marriage. You don’t need to wait for your spouse to come home to start feeling closer. You can create big shifts right now just by taking care of YOU, your wants and your needs. 

With me in your corner, this doesn’t feel like another headache for you to manage. 

Instead, your load gets to feel lighter, like a little space opened up for you to have some fun, feel supported, and reconnect with yourself and the one you love. 

As an Independent Military Marriage Coach working outside the system, we get to dive in together in complete privacy to create quick results based on your true priorities.  
Everything you share with me stays private. The military doesn’t have oversight of my work or access to my files, so you’re 100% safe getting real. You don’t have dirty laundry; you just have common marriage challenges within difficult circumstances. I create a judgment-free space for us to quickly solve problems and generate strategies for a strong marriage and a happy lifestyle. 
You are already doing so much. Fortunately, I don’t need all of your time. I work with clients in either 2-hour intensives or 3-month private coaching packages. I’m masterful at quickly lasering in on what’s really going on with you and your spouse, and figuring out how we can bring you back together fast. 
I know how frustrating it is to never get to choose where you live; to have big plans canceled at the last minute; to go months without holding your person’s hand. You and I do this work so you no longer feel like second place. Instead, you get to be the priority in your own life. You get to be supported in your duties, needs, and dreams. You get to create Rock Solid Connection in your marriage, fall more in love than ever, and enjoy the most meaningful years of your life. None of it has to wait. The best years of your marriage support the best years of your life. And it all starts now. 
As a former military psychologist, I have deep respect for traditional therapy. And I know that therapy is slow, long-term work. It’s usually focused on untangling the past, whereas coaching happens in the now. It gives you the tools and support to create the future you want, fast. 

After years in the system, I’ve found I can get better results faster working as a Coach. Not only is our work together completely confidential… coaching allows us to get to the heart of your relationship quickly, so we can shift the whole dynamic. 

No more waiting for Tricare approval. No more weeks-long waiting periods to be seen by a provider. No more canceling appointments because you don’t have childcare. We get right to work, right where you’re at, today.

I believe that no matter how distant things seem, you can create Rock Solid Connection and closeness, just as you are right now. Nobody needs fixing. And you don’t have to wait any longer to have a marriage where you both can thrive. 

The deployments. The moves. The chaotic scheduling. The parenting. The decision making. The pandemic. The stress. The loneliness.
We fell in love over scattered weekend visits. We knew he would soon be deployed to Iraq—gone for six months or more. I didn’t think our relationship could survive that. I even told him so. Then we got the news. He’d be leaving in two days. In that moment, I realized how much I cared for him and wanted him in my life. 
Let’s create the marriage you always wanted when you chose this life with the one you love. 

The best years don’t have to wait. 

…I imagine there was a moment where you came to the same realization about your spouse. 

And that’s why I know that no matter how distant it feels right now, deep down, you have a Rock Solid Connection. 

You have all the right ingredients to feel close, united, and deeply in love once again. 

With a little loving attention on your relationship, you can shift the entire dynamic of your marriage. 

The skills I teach have kept my own marriage solid through 14 years, five deployments, five moves, and three promotions.

I know you’re like this because I am too. 

I want you to enjoy the best years of your life and romantic partnership, now—not after retirement or when you leave the military, and no matter where the Military Lifestyle takes you. 

You have the power to change the whole dynamic of your life and marriage. 

And quickly. 

You don’t need fixing. 
Your spouse doesn’t need changing.

I offer PhD-powered coaching so that you:

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Hi. I’m Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh. 

How is COACHING different from THERAPY? 

When your marriage is rock solid, everything about this lifestyle gets easier. 

When I met my husband, I was in graduate school, getting my PhD in Psychology. 

I decided braving the distance was worth it. 

You can thrive through it all. 

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Let’s bridge the distance in your marriage. Develop the skills and perspective you need to thrive no matter where the Military Lifestyle takes you.

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